WASHINGTON, September 10 -


Mr. Speaker, Texans are growing more concerned about the rising cost of gasoline. One lady recently wrote me:

My husband drives a truck. As gas prices rise, so does the cost of diesel. This affects the cost of every single thing we buy. That includes food.

Gasoline prices are the one thing that people should not need to worry about. We have the resources, but Washington keeps them under lock and key. And we still import half our oil from unstable dictators like Chavez and the OPEC monopoly.

Americans can no longer afford to be beholden to the turmoil in the Middle East. So what about this idea?

United States, Mexico, and Canada are rich with God-given natural resources. So working together in a new strategic energy partnership, our three nations could become the world's new energy superpower alliance to compete with OPEC. Let's create an energy supply built to last with our North American allies and finally make OPEC and Middle Eastern dictators irrelevant.

And that's just the way it is.