Mr. Speaker, Nick Castle was a bright, energetic 23-year-old who decided to teach in China, following his graduation from UC Berkeley.

Tragically, Nick became seriously sick after becoming a Peace Corps volunteer in China in 2012. He was the victim of an inefficient, under-equipped, and unresponsive Peace Corps-led medical team there.

After being prescribed a broad antibiotic, Nick began to experience drastic weight loss, but was told he was fine. He was then confined to bed, but his doctor never recommended he go to the hospital.

After experiencing dangerously low blood pressure, Nick was finally sent to the hospital. As the ambulance made its way to him, it got lost. Then, after picking him up, Nick stopped breathing before the ambulance arrived at the hospital. Nick died a few weeks later, in early 2013.

Investigations revealed the Peace Corps medical team misdiagnosed his illness. This heartbreaking death of a young man serving our country and the world could have been avoided had the Peace Corps staff assisted in having a properly trained, equipped, and responsive team.

Mr. Speaker, Peace Corps volunteers are America's angels abroad. They are some of the best that we have. They are the spirit of humanitarian assistance, and America must make sure to take care of these amazing people when they serve in lands far, far away so that there are no more deaths like Nick Castle's.

And that is just the way it is.