Mr. Speaker, the new carbon energy tax is about to nail all Americans who use energy. It's about old-fashioned, central planning control that would make the now-defunct Soviet Union green with envy.

In the name of saving Planet Earth, the taxacrats want to control every dollar spent on energy in America. They also want control over who can use it and how. So they came up with the mother of all mandates: The cap-and-trade national tax on energy consumption. This scheme will bankrupt manufacturing businesses and cost American families thousands of dollars a year in new taxes.

If you use electricity or natural gas in your home, you've got another tax. If you drive your car, the gasoline tax will go up. It's all about government control over our lives.

And the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said the cap-and-trade boondoggle will be a major tax increase or a massive expansion of government, or both. And they also told the Senate last week that it won't have any impact on the Earth's temperature. Now isn't that lovely.

And that's just the way it is.