WASHINGTON, April 24 -


Mr. Speaker,

People in Boston and around the nation are trying to recover from last weekís terror attack. The Richard family laid their 8 year old boy to rest, as did three other families.

Meanwhile, in the halls of academia, Richard Falk a professor and an official with the UN Human rights council blamed the terrorist attack on what he claims is ìAmerican global domination on Israel. This absurd, vile comment comes only two years after the UN reprimanded him for promoting fantasy like 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Mr. Speaker, why is Falk still employed at the U.N.? Can someone please explain why the U.S. continues to be the largest funder of the U.N., which gives radical wingbats like Falk a platform to spew their hate and anti-American rhetoric? The U.S. should not be bankrolling the United Nations Human Rights Council. Thatís right. Let them find someone else to foot the bill for the International Institution of Ingratitude.

Time for ?????the elitest, uniformed like Falk to go, and itís time for the U.S. to stop funding the Human Rights Council. We donít need to pay people like Falk to hate America. They will do it for free.

Meanwhile, try the Boston terrorists for their crimes against America. Hold them accountable for murder. Donít blame America for the murder of our children. Blame the killers.

And thatís just the way it is.