Mr. Speaker, Ashton Cline-McMurray, a 16-year-old kid with cerebral palsy, was walking home from a football game in Massachusetts when he was ambushed, beaten, stabbed and murdered.

One of the killers, Loeun Heng, an illegal from Cambodia was sent to prison. Ashton's family was promised this murderer would then be deported back to Cambodia after serving his sentence. But he never was.  Why? Because Cambodia and other nations refuse to take back their convicted felons from the United States. So the assassin, by United States law, has been released on the streets of America. He is still illegally here.

Mr. Speaker, there are over 140,000 criminal aliens in the United States, like Heng, that have been sent to prison, ordered deported and their native nations stalls, delays and eventually refuses to take these outlaws back. So they're running loose in the United States.

The worst offending nations are Cuba, China, India, Pakistan and Jamaica.

The United States should consider cutting aid and stopping visas to a nation that won't take their criminals back. And maybe that will get their attention, and they will take their people home.

And that's just the way it is