Madam Speaker, they're back. We've all heard about ACORN, and it seems to me that ACORN is nothing more than a criminal enterprise. Here's why. They've been caught helping undercover journalists open a prostitution ring with underage girls. They've been caught in voter registration fraud scams. At least 14 States are investigating ACORN for voter fraud. Even Mickey Mouse can now vote. Imagine that.

And ACORN signs up the poor into their membership rolls. The poor give their bank account information, and ACORN deducts membership dues without the express consent of these individuals.

In a bipartisan vote last year, Congress voted to strip Federal funding from this rogue fraudulent organization. Not one dime of taxpayer money should be spent on this group. However, White House Budget Director Peter Orszag has directed all Federal agencies to open the Federal funding floodgates for ACORN again.

Why did the administration trump the will of Congress and the American people? American tax dollars should not fund this apparent band of thieves.

And that's just the way it is.