Mr. Speaker, there are thousands of foreign criminals in the United States prisons. Up to 19 percent of our jails house criminal aliens. These do NOT include immigration violations.

They have been convicted of everything---- including rape robbery and murder.

Then, after they serve their sentence, when we try to deport them, many of their native countries refuse to take them back.

The number of foreign criminals in this situation is staggering. There are over 138,000 of these outlaws that have been sent home, but wont go back.

So what do we do? By law they a get-out-of-jail-free card to live in the United States because we cannot permanently keep these misfits locked up.

The countries include Cuba and china and India and Jamaica and Pakistan.

Maybe we should stop foreign aid altogether or refuse to issue legal visas to the citizens of those countries who refuse to take back their criminals?

There must be unpleasant consequences for countries that refuse to take their convicted nationals home.

This is yet another problem that is created by the failure to adequately secure our borders in the first place.

And thats just the way it is.