Mr. Speaker, it has been almost a year since David Hartley was gunned down by Zeta pirates on Falcon Lake. The Hartley family still has no suspect, no body and no justice.

His wife Tiffany canít get any answers from our government since it apparently has abandoned the investigation of her husbandís murder. So she has saved the government to get information.

When IC E agent Jaime Zapata was murdered in Mexico, the United States quickly pressured Mexico to investigate the homicide ñ as it should.

Why is our government silent about finding who is responsible for killing David Hartley and the other Americans murdered in lawless Mexico?

On Monday at a border forum I held in Brownsville, Texas Tiffany said: ìThe men who murdered David are right across the river. They arenít in Afghanistan; they arenít in Iraq. Theyíre in our own back yard.î

The United States hunts down terrorist around the globe; itís time we hold Mexico accountable for finding the narco-terrorists in their country who murder Americans.

And thatís just the way it is.