WASHINGTON, November 16 -

Madam Speaker,

Sirens wailed the warning as over 300 rockets from Hamas in Gaza rained down on Israel this week. Israelis were injured -- and at least one was killed. But ensuring its absolute right of self- defense, Israel responded to defend its people.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said it best:

ìThe terrorists are committing a double-war crime. They fire at Israeli civilians and they hide behind Palestinian civilians.î

But the new Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt (which was backed by the Administration) has condemned Israel, not Hamas.

The terrorist group Hamas doesnít want peace with Israel. It wants war. Hamas is the aggressor here! It kills Israeli civilians and then hides behind the skirts of Palestinian women. The world should condemn Hamas, not Israel.

Israel has the moral right and legal duty to defend itself from the attacks by the barbarians like Hamas.

The United States should be bold in its total support of Israel, our ally. The United States should be bold in its condemnation of Hamas. And the United States should be bold in opposing this war by terrorists like Hamas, on civilized nations.

And thatís just the way it is.