Mr. Speaker, never before in the history of our country has a tax been levied on individual Americans by the federal government with the purpose of forcing citizens to do something the government wants them to do.

Never before has the government self righteously ordered Americans to buy a product or pay a punitive fine.

The Constitution does not give government even well intention government the authority to make citizens buy any productwhether its a car, health insurance, or a box of chocolates.

The individual mandate provision of the health care bill is unconstitutional.

James Madison, author of the Constitution said, The powers delegated by the Constitution to the federal; government are few and defined. Those that remain to state government are numerous and indefinite.

The health care bill is a theft of the individual freedom to control ones health to have it now controlled by omnipotent government.

BIG GOVERNMENT DOESNT MEAN BETTER SOLUTIONS, IN FACT as someone has said, If you think the problems government created are BAD, just wait until you see government solutions.

Government is partially to blame for the health care crisis and this nationalized health care bill government solution is unworkable and unconstitutional.

If you like the efficiency of the post office,

The competence of FEMA,

And the compassion of the IRS you will love the NATIONALIZED health care bill.

Certainly what we do here in Congress should be constitutional. Repeal this health care bill and come up with constitutional solutions to health problems.

And thats just the way it is.