Mr. Speaker, almost every morning I talk to my parents who are both in their 80s and are very inquisitive about what goes on in Congress.

   Today, like most Mondays, I tell them we are working on postal legislation. I don't really go further and tell them the legislation actually is just naming post office buildings throughout the vast plains and prairies of America. After all, we have named 72 Federal buildings in Congress.

   According to the Wall Street Journal, almost 30 percent of our legislation passed this Congress has been naming Federal buildings. Today I see we will be naming two more post offices.

   Today Mom said she can't even afford gas to get to the post office. Mr. Speaker, maybe this ``Drill Nothing Congress'' should find more energy for Americans. Open up the Outer Continental Shelf to crude oil. Congress needs to get to work and solve the gasoline issue. We can name post office buildings at some other time.

   There has been enough talk about energy. Now action is demanded. However, it seems when all is said and done, more is said than done about the energy problem. Maybe we should rename our Congress the Post Office Congress.

   And that's just the way it is.