Mr. Speaker, Jennifer Mamola represents the very best of America. She volunteered for the Peace Corps at 26 and served in Uganda.

While there, tragically, she was hit from behind by a drunk driver, breaking both of her legs. Her life changed forever.

When she returned home to America, she faced an uphill battle to get treatment and endless bureaucracy. After 3 months, the Peace Corps stopped covering her medical costs and sent her to face the bureaucracy of the Department of Labor.

Instead of serving as a resource, the Peace Corps' post service unit was no help at all. When she reached out asking for mental health services, they ignored her.

She has undergone four surgeries and endless hours of agony. America's angels abroad deserve better. My legislation will ensure that Peace Corps volunteers have medical care in foreign countries and in America when they return home.

I want to welcome Jennifer to the House Chamber today. Congress appreciates her service as a Peace Corps volunteer, and we must provide help for wonderful people like her.

And that is just the way it is.