Washington, Nov. 30 -


Mr. Speaker, Gabe Zimmerman, I didn't know him, but I know many people that are just like him. They are called the congressional staffers.

Gabe Zimmerman dedicated his life to public service, and he died dedicating his life to public service. He died from an assassin's bullet in January of this year hosting a Congress on Your Corner event for Gabby Giffords, which he organized.

There are many men and women just like Gabe Zimmerman who come to work every day and work in Congress. These staffers work very long hours, sometimes late into the night. They work weekends, they deal with people from our districts, and sometimes they get little or no appreciation for their hard work.

Congresswoman Giffords is blessed to have a wonderful staff. I had the pleasure to be with her legislative director, Peter Ambler, and her director of operations, Jennifer Cox, when they hosted me at the Arizona border so I could talk to ranchers in Arizona; and this occurred after GABBY was shot and wounded.

I was impressed with these staffers and their work and keeping up the mission of our fellow Member of Congress, Gabby Giffords, as she was recovering from her wounds. The energy and drive of these bright Americans represent really all that is good about our country. So on this day, it is good that Members of Congress remember and give thanks for Gabe Zimmerman, his colleagues in Representative Giffords' office, for Representative Gabby Giffords, and for all the men and women who allow this great body to continue to be the people's House.

And that's just the way it is.