Madam Speaker, Mexico has joined a lawsuit against Arizona's new illegal immigration enforcement law.

In its legal brief, Mexico says the Arizona law is unconstitutional. That's right. The foreign country of Mexico is lecturing us on our Constitution.

I guess President Calderon, like our Attorney General, hasn't read Arizona's law either, because the Arizona law is constitutional. President Calderon just doesn't want the law enforced. He wants open borders so illegals can illegally come to America.

By the way, hypocritical Mexico enforces its own immigration laws, but it doesn't want us to do the same. President Calderon should not meddle in U.S. affairs.

If the Feds join the lawsuit against Arizona, it will be Mexico and the U.S. Government vs. Arizona. Ironically, Mexico and the U.S. Government together will be arguing against border security and public safety while Arizona will be arguing for the basic right to protect its citizens.

Isn't there something wrong with that concept?

And that's just the way it is.