Mr. Speaker, recently this country has been very concerned about something that's taking place in lands far, far away. It seems as though that the Russians have decided to invade the Republic of Georgia. Many Americans didn't even know where the Republic of Georgia was. Now, most of us know where it is and where it's located.

   In fact, the government has been doing much lately, talking about this invasion of another country and very concerned about the people of South Ossetia that have now occupied or have their country or territory occupied by the Russians. In fact, the country is so upset about this, our country, we have sent $1 billion to Georgia to help Georgia, supposedly for humanitarian aid.

   But we seem to be somewhat concerned--and our rhetoric as a Nation is that one sovereign country has invaded the sovereign country of another, concerned about the borders of the Republic of Georgia.

   It's interesting to me that we are concerned about the sanctity and sovereignty of other Nations and their borders, but yet back here at home we seem not to care about the sovereignty and sanctity of our own borders. We protect the borders of other Nations throughout the world. We're concerned about the border of Georgia, but yet this country still has no policy about being concerned and enforcing border security of our own Nation.

   Yes, Mr. Speaker, I'm talking about the southern border with Mexico, and I'm talking about the northern border of Canada. Yet every day we still have hundreds of people crossing into the United States illegally. It's an invasion into our country. Without permission people are coming into this country, and they're here for all purposes. Sure we hear about those who are over here trying to look for jobs, that supposedly Americans won't take.

   But there are also other people coming over here. We get the good, the bad and the ugly because we don't secure our borders, and right now we're getting a lot of bad and ugly. Mr. Speaker, if you don't believe me, I will take you down to the Texas-Mexico border and show you how the violence has gotten worse and worse because this Nation refuses to protect its own border from people coming in without permission. That's very unfortunate.

   We are in a Presidential campaign. We hear a lot of talk about all kinds of issues, but yet I have not heard from either Presidential candidate about a plan to secure our borders. They're talking about everything else. I'd be glad to take either one or both of them down to the Texas-Mexico border and show them what it's like, the porous border, because we don't protect the sovereignty of our own Nation.

   But yet we're concerned about the Republic of Georgia halfway around the world and their border. Doesn't make much sense to me. We should be just as concerned about our own borders as we are about borders of other people and give the money to our own people on our own border to secure it.

   We send $1 billion quickly to the Republic of Georgia. What could our border patrol agents do with $1 billion on the Texas-Mexico border? They could do a whole lot more. And they're not getting it. They're not getting the support that they need. They're doing the best job they can. The sheriffs all along the border, from San Diego all the way to Brownsville, they're doing the best they can.

   But let me tell you something, Mr. Speaker, the drug cartels have more money, they outgun our border security officials, and they're more tenacious and they're doing everything they can to come into the United States illegally. Yes, we're getting all of them, we're getting everybody because we refuse to secure our border.

   And we don't need to do a whole lot except enforce the laws we already have. It's already illegal to come into the United States without permission. Why don't we enforce that law? We are trying to enforce the border security of Georgia. Let's enforce the border security of our own Nation. That's the public duty our government has. We can work out the issues of what to do with people that are here illegally down the road. America will do the right thing, but we can never deal with that issue until we secure the border.

   One of the things we ought to do is enforce the rule of law, and if businesses choose to hire folks that are illegally in the country and they know they're illegal, those business owners need to be prosecuted under current law. We see a few of those CEOs be carted off to jail in handcuffs, maybe they'll quit hiring folks that are illegally in the country. That's just one answer, but it's already the law.

   So I encourage our government: enforce the law, protect our borders, secure our Nation first. That is the duty, obligation, and moral duty of our government.

   And that's just the way it is.