Mr. Speaker, Uncle Sam keeps giving away taxpayer money to businesses that claim they are too important to fail. Some of these irresponsible corporations helped bring on this economic crisis.

Our government seems to be just as irresponsible in the way that it spends America's money. AIG received $85 billion in bailout money from our gracious government, but the Feds put little or no restrictions on that money. So, AIG is giving $165 million of that money in bonuses to its own employees. You know, those are the same people that put AIG in this economic turmoil.

To make matters worse, since $85 billion wasn't enough, irresponsible Uncle Sam is promising to fork over $30 billion more of somebody else's money to AIG. Now we learn AIG is sending some of that taxpayer money to Europe, including French banks.

Normally the government should not tell private businesses how to operate, but when 80 percent of the business is run by the government, as AIG is, the government has the duty to protect taxpayer money. Thus far, Uncle Sam has had a reckless disregard for the way it throws citizen money around.

And that's just the way it is.