Mr. Speaker, the Army Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC) of Humble High School in Humble, Texas have gone above and beyond, and our community is proud of their outstanding achievements. 

The Humble High School JROTC has a history of success and are known for their commitment to giving back to our community. Under the direction of Sergeant Major Watkins, the cadets do much more than drill competitions and marching in parades. 

They serve their school and community, performing various service projects and duties throughout the year. During National Police Week in May, the cadets show honor to police officers who were killed in the line of duty, by holding 10 foot avenue flag poles at my annual Police Memorial Ceremony. 

The cadets are always dressed in their best as they proudly display Old Glory. Survivors, police officers, and community leaders walk through this sea of red, white, and blue as they enter the Police Memorial Ceremony. The cadets do an admirable job representing Humble High School. Every Veterans Day, the JROTC cadets pay tribute to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier through a reenactment.

The ceremony is well known in the community and is appropriately called the Wildcat Salute to Veterans. As the sun peaks over the horizon, members of the Humble community, veterans, and students arrive at the high school, but instead of hallways adorned with Wildcat posters and traditional school spirit signs, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier display sits in front of visitors.

The tribute begins with the traditional laying of a wreath and the Changing of the Guard ritual. The cadets are trained as Sentinels and guard the Tomb all day. Their service and patriotism to our nation sets them apart as role models to other students. 

The reenactment serves as a memorial to service members who have admirably fought and died for our country yet remain unknown. The tomb declares—‘‘Here rests in honored glory an American soldier known but to God.’’ 

There are countless other service projects they participate in throughout the year. They do not go unnoticed. I know that the residents of Humble are proud of Humble High School JROTC accomplishments. 

I applaud them for their tremendous achievements and commend them for giving back to our community. They make a difference and represent all that is right and good in America.

And that’s just the way it is.