Madam Speaker, often referred to as the birthplace of Texas, the communities of Lynchburg and Highlands in east Harris County stand as a constant reminder of the rich history which has shaped the State. Initiatives such as "Project Star" now labor throughout the area to enlighten Texans of their past by highlighting historically significant locations. On March 15, 2008 the culmination of more than 175 years of progress, came to fruition with the opening of the David G. Burnet Park.

Serving as the first President of the Republic of Texas, David G. Burnet was selected to his position by the Revolutionary Convention of 1836. Before his presidency, he purchased 3.7 acres of land from the Lynch family just off of what is now called Burnet Bay, in south Harris County.

This area from 1830 became the first president's Texas homestead. Prior to Harris County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia taking on the project to renovate the park, all that existed to mark David G. Burnet's homestead was a small stone Plaque. More than two million dollars were raised to develop David G. Burnet's homestead, including research for archeological authentication of the area.

Thanks to these much needed improvements, visitors to the historical park will find amongst the playground equipment and future ballpark, educational storyboards illustrating the locations past. These storyboards include information ranging from historical facts about Burnet to recounting life in the 1830's. In the near future "Project Star" and Commissioner Garcia plan to reconstruct, at the park, the first president of Texas' home.

Although David G. Burnet called his 3.7 acres almost 170 years ago home, Texans can still find a connection with him and others of his time from the park. The educational opportunities offered by a visit to David G. Burnet Park are invaluable to all and will serve as a reminder of the areas past for generations to come.

And that's just the way it is.