Mr. Speaker, the Texas Department of Public Safety has issued a stern safety warning to members of the Texas legislature living near the southern border: Remove your car license plates that say "State official" on them. Texas legislators were warned to remove their identifying car license plates because of threats from Mexican drug cartels.

Based on intelligence estimates from information they have received, law enforcement cautioned that the drug cartels may target members of the Texas legislature for assaults and kidnappings, especially those living on the border region.

Some of the members and their staffs have removed those "State official" license plates and some are seeking concealed carry permits. There have been earlier reports of Mexican officials being assaulted and kidnapped by the cartels in Mexico. Now the threats have crossed to our side of the porous border region.

Now it seems to me the National Guard is probably better suited to deal with the violent narco-terrorists than a bunch of legislative staffers with concealed weapons--even in Texas.

And that's just the way it is.