Mr. Speaker, every individual finds their refuge and sanctuary in different places. Meg Norman finds hers in the swimming pool.

Rightfully so, as Meg is a fierce swimming competitor and an even fiercer lover of life. At the age of two, Meg appeared on the autism spectrum.

Her mom, Joan, said being doted on by her older siblings helped boost her confidence. And boost her confidence it did.

Meg has no hesitation jumping into a pool to compete in races. Her competitors don’t even stand a chance when she pushes off that pool wall.

Her recipe for success? Practicing hard, having a lot of fun and always smiling.

Meg is determined to succeed every time she jumps into the pool and that’s aided by focusing on winning and keeping a positive attitude. Meg is a competitor in the Special Olympics and as you can imagine, has been very successful.

The Special Olympics has given her an outlet to compete in a sport she loves and she has thrived during every moment. Meg’s competitive spirit has driven her motivation to succeed and also helped her to win several titles and medals throughout her life. 

When you can’t find Meg at the pool swimming laps, you can find her working in the Special Olympics office. At the office, she devotes her time to helping staff with various projects, which comes as a huge help.

Meg’s ‘‘can-do’’ attitude and joyful spirit is one to be admired. Her success in and out of the pool can be attributed to hard work and her own sense of determination.

Nothing can get Meg down. That is why the pool is her sanctuary.

I am honored to say Meg is a Special Olympian from Houston, Texas. As Texans and Houstonians, we pride ourselves in our hard work and determination to do something great with our lives.

Meg has certainly lived up to both of those qualities, and I’m proud to be able to spread her story today. Just keep swimming, Meg.

And that’s just the way it is.