Mr. Speaker, Private First Class Peter Kyle Cross wanted to be a missionary, but he decided he needed to mature a little bit first, so he joined the United States Army in August, 2008. He was born in Texas, but he and his family later moved to New York.

Private First Class Cross was deployed to Afghanistan in February with the 10th Mountain Division of New York. Private First Class Cross and his unit were out on patrol, and he went to get supplies for his fellow soldiers. Returning to platoon, driving on a narrow mountain pass, he saw a group of Afghan children herding sheep on the road. Peter swerved his Humvee to avoid hitting the kids and went off the side of the mountain. Peter Cross was 20 years of age.

This young American soldier's first instinct was to sacrifice his life for a group of children he did not know in a land far from home. Peter's father said of his son's sacrifice: ``His last act in life showed what kind of man he was, selflessly thinking of others.''

Last week, the governor of New York ordered all flags flown at half staff in honor of this Texan and New Yorker, Peter Cross. Amazing breed these young bucks of the United States Army.

And that's just the way it is.