Madam Speaker, on Sunday morning Chaudhry Rashad brutally murdered his daughter for bringing, as he said, ``disgrace to the family.''

   Rashad's 25-year-old daughter, Sandeela, wanted a divorce from her arranged marriage, but Rashad believed that it was more honorable for him to take a course of action to strangle her to death.

   When Atlanta police arrived on the scene, Rashad was in his driveway, calmly smoking a cigarette behind a car as if it was a normal Sunday. After being arrested, then he arrogantly demanded to be served Islamic food while he was in custody.

   Rashad said he has ``done nothing wrong'' by murdering his daughter. Yet another example of murder in the name of religion. Yet that's the problem, that people still use the word ``honor'' and ``killing'' in the same breath. The United Nations estimates that there are approximately 5,000 supposed religious honor killings each year of women and girls. Murder is not honorable.

   When the police found young Sandeela's body, they said it was cold to the touch. However, the cold, dead body of his daughter was nothing compared to the coldness of a father's heart who willingly steals the life of his child in the name of religion.

   And that's just the way it is.