Mr. Speaker, judicial injustice has struck again. That is what has happened in Ohio.

After 6 years of waiting to face the man who raped her and tell her horror at his hands so he would be off the streets, a teen saw her chances for justice smashed with one swoop of a rogue judge's gavel. It was nothing the victim did; it wasn't even anything the defendant did. Judge Eileen Gallagher dismissed the girl's case, get this, because the prosecutor was late to court. Furious he hadn't been on time when she herself was 45 minutes late to her own court, Judge Gallagher called the prosecutor unprofessional, so she took it out on the victim.

Judge Gallagher suffers from ``black robe disease,'' an incurable ailment, arrogant, hypocritical incompetence some judges get.

Mr. Speaker, when I was a judge in Texas for 22 years, and a lawyer was late to court, hold the lawyer in contempt, put him in jail. Don't let the defendant out of jail. Don't punish the victim.

The teen victim was raped by the defendant, then raped by her right to justice by Judge Gallagher. Hopefully the people of Ohio will hold this judge in contempt and dismiss her from the bench.

That's just the way it is.