Mr. Speaker, a new inductee in the Judges Hall of Shame is Judge Roy Pearson of Washington, DC.

   It seems that Judge Pearson suffers from the arrogant ailment known as ``black robe disease.'' But instead of issuing a bad ruling, Pearson filed an absurd lawsuit. Claiming his dry cleaners did not live up to their claim of ``satisfaction guaranteed'' when a pair of his pants were lost, Pearson decided to sue them for $54 million. The part of the story that makes Pearson even more despicable is that the dry cleaners did find his pants two days later and gave him $150 for his trouble. Pearson took the money all right, but he didn't want his pants back.

   At the trial, the judge admonished Pearson, who represented himself, for being completely unprepared in his own case. On Monday, Judge Pearson got a taste of his own medicine when the trial judge not only dismissed the case against the cleaners, but is also making Pearson pay the court costs and $100,000 attorney fees to the immigrant owners.

   The cleaners lost his pants, but now he is losing his shirt, as it ought to be. Shame on Judge Roy Pearson for his abuse of our legal system. Courts work to right actual wrongs, not award money to people who are just too big for their britches.

   And that's just the way it is.