Mr. Speaker, this week is Victims' Rights Week. Today I honor the life of Houston Police Officer Timothy Abernethy.

For Officer Abernethy, fighting crime was more than an occupation, it was his personal calling. He bravely dedicated his life to keeping the peace on the streets of Houston, Texas, until he was murdered on December 7, 2008, by a cowardly killer. The murder was cruel and it was calculated. After shooting Officer Abernethy once in the neck, the assassin calmly walked up and put the gun close to the back of the officer's head and fired again.

Recently, a jury in Houston convicted Mabry Landor, III, of capital murder of a police officer. This week the Texas jury sentenced the outlaw to death.

Officer Timothy Abernethy served the people of Houston for 11 years. He was married to Stephanie, and had children. He, like so many before him, put his life between the people and the lawless.

We as a Nation need to remember peace officers sometimes become victims of crime while taking care of the rest of us.

And that's just the way it is.