Madam Speaker, today I take pride in sharing with you a grand and historic milestone for the State of Texas, specifically the Second Congressional District. Today, Madam Speaker, Lamar University's Mary and John Gray Library commemorates its fiftieth year as a federal depository. Lamar University, as well as I take great pleasure in celebrating and honoring the Mary and John Gray Library's steadfast dedication to providing and safeguarding the citizens' of Texas right to know.

The Federal Library Depository Program was created over one hundred and forty years ago with the sole purpose of keeping America informed by treasuring, producing, and distributing the Federal government information. The Mary and John Gray Library carries on this very valid and noble duty by being the only Federal depository within the region. The library plays a vital link between the government and Texas citizens. With its dedicated staff readily available to help students and Southeast Texans obtain governmental information, the Mary and John Gray Library collects, maintains, and preserves over sixty-four percent of the documents made available by the Federal government.

Ground was broken for the library in 1973. The eight story structure was constructed to be a visible monument for Lamar University. With the two main goals of expressing deserved appreciation for past services and that the name be inspirational for the future greatness of Lamar University, the library was officially dedicated in honor of Mary and John Gray on April 26, 1976. To this day it continues to be a fount of scholarly information.

The library teaches information gathering skills to promote and foster academic success, along with adding essential information for those wishing to continue their educational learning. By developing appropriate learning collections, it is able to provide efficient services within a friendly, relaxed, and educational environment. It continues to provide leadership for campus information policy.

Madam Speaker, I join the citizens of the Second Congressional District in extolling Lamar University and the Mary and John Gray Library on realizing its goal of creating a depository that fosters, preserves, and maintains the American public's right to know. Lamar University is appreciated by the good citizens of the South East Texas.

That is just the way it is.