Mr. Speaker, sitting a mere 20 feet away from the man that raped and trafficked her daughter, Jennifer waited anxiously in the courtroom as the judge prepared to announce the sentence. The amount of pain and turmoil this criminal inflicted on her family could never be undone.

A few years ago, this man pulled up alongside Jennifer's daughter as she walked down the street. He lured the 15-year-old into his car, and he sexually assaulted her.

He then took her to a motel and began forcing her to have sex with numerous men for money. He posted an ad about her online offering buyers a chance to “play with innocence.”

He literally stole her youth, her happiness, and he sold her to the highest bidder. When Jennifer finally heard the judge's sentence, she wept with tears of joy--180 years in prison for the trafficker, from the right-thinking judge.

Let the word get out to deviants and traffickers and buyers: Our children are not for sale. There is a price to pay for the trafficker who sells our kids.

And that is just the way it is.