Madam Speaker, the nationalization of the auto industry continues. The President has announced the Federal Government is going to exercise more forced control over American car companies. The President fired the CEO of General Motors and wants more automotive restructuring the Federal way.

General Motors and Chrysler have already received billions in taxpayer bailout money and are poised to win favor with the White House for even more money.

Madam Speaker, unfortunately, General Motors and Chrysler have already failed. Why should taxpayers continue to subsidize these failures? Why? Because the almighty Federal Government forces taxpayers to pay off these special interest groups. The government ought not to pick who wins and who loses in the business world. The free market should decide.

General Motors and Chrysler should not receive any taxpayer money and should restructure under bankruptcy like other failed businesses do. But the socialization of the American economy continues.

By the way, Madam Speaker, if you like the way the Federal Government runs other government businesses like the post office, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FEMA and the IRS, you will love the new federalized auto industry.

And that's just the way it is.