Mr. Speaker, delay, delay, delay is the Administrations energy plan.

The Keystone XL Pipeline project world brings 700,000 barrels of oil a day from Alberta Canada to refineries in Southeast Texas this would provide more energy for America.

The President has had over two years to approve the project, but the State Department, the EPA, and out-of-towners have stonewalled the project on alleged environmental grounds.

Pipelines are the most cost effective and most environmentally sound ways to transport oil and natural gas. Oil must reach our refineries somehow.

We can either import oil through a safe reliable pipeline from our neighbors, or on risky tankers coming from unstable Middle Eastern countries. Even the EPA should be able to figure this out after two years of delay.

Gasoline is nearly $4 a gallon. The administration needs to be realistic and approve this Keystone XL Pipeline immediately.

Its time to start laying pipe.

And thats just the way it is.