Mr. Speaker, Federal judges have been trying to rip the pledge of allegiance out of our schools and have prevented it from being recited by school kids in nine States. Now our pledge is under siege again. Our kids are being intimidated into pledging allegiance to a foreign flag.

Velasco Elementary in Texas celebrated Mexican Independence Day by handing out small Mexican flags and making children as young as pre-kindergarten stand as parents recited the Mexican pledge in Spanish. That pledge honors the heroes of Mexico, promising always to be faithful and dedicate loyalty to that nation.

Pledging allegiance to a foreign flag is un-American. The principal of the school, Sam Williams, justified reciting the pledge meekly by saying, ``Well, we want to be diverse at our school.''

There is only one flag our children should uphold and hold. There is only one pledge that they should recite. The Mexican Government and illegals may have their sights on retaking the Southwest, but we will not hand it over to them one student at a time. In the words of the Texans who fought originally for Mexican independence, you'll have to ``come and take it.'' Our loyalty is to America, not to Mexico.

And that's just the way it is.