WASHINGTON, January 1 -


Mr. Speaker,

Itís New Yearís Day 2013. What an excellent time for Congress to make at least one New Yearís resolution.

Congress is addicted to spending money. Maybe Congress should join Spending Anonymous. Here is the 12-step plan:

One, Congress should admit itís addicted to spending someone elseís money!

Two, make a list of the wasteful spending;

Three, pass a yearly budget and a constitutional balanced budget amendment;

Four, stop giving money to countries that hate us;

Five, have the resolve not to spend money we donít have;

Six, donít contribute to the addiction by taking more money away from Americans;

Seven, donít borrow any more money from China;

Eight, donít make excuses for our addiction;

Nine, donít blame others for the addiction;

Ten, run Congress like most people run their family budgets;

Eleven, remember, we are to do the will of the people;

Twelve, have a support group and meet regularly to confess our addiction.

Mr. Speaker, Congress should join Spending Anonymous.

And thatís just the way it is.