Mr. Speaker, I bring you news from the war on our third front, the southern border with Mexico.

Last Saturday, two American teenagers were brutally shot and killed in Mexico in the border town of Juarez, Mexico.That is right acrossthe Rio Grande River from El Paso, Texas. On Thursday, drug cartels gunned downeight people at a bar in Juarez. On Sunday, Homero Salcido, the head of security and intelligencefor the state of Nuevo Leon in Mexico, was shot in the headand his car was set ablaze.Nuevo Leon is close to the U.S. border, and was once considered one of the safest towns in all of Mexico. Their murdersare evidence that the narcoterrorists are continuing to expand their control with our neighbors to the southin Mexico.

There are portions of Mexico that are under the control of the drug bandits, and honest law enforcement is nonexistent. However, Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, has said that the situation on the border has been mischaracterized by lawmakers for political reasons.

Well, the same can be said of Homeland Security Director Napolitano. She mischaracterizes the border region, claiming it is safe. This is either for political reasons or because she refuses to admit the Federal Government is unwillingor incapable ofsecuring the border.

More than 34,000 people have been murdered in our neighboring country of Mexico since the drug cartels began their reign of terror in 2006. In my opinion, neither the United States nor Mexico has operational control of some border regions.Drugs and people are smuggled into the United Statesand guns and money are smuggled to thesouth into Mexico.

And this is just not a Mexican problem. For example, 27 percentof the inmates in United States prisons are not United States citizens: 17.5 percentare from thenation of Mexico, anda whopping 37percent of Texas border jailscontain foreign nationals. If the border is so secure, Ms. Napolitano, how come so many thousands of undocumented immigrants are pouring into our country committing serious crimes and filling up our prisons? How can any reasonable person say our borders are secure when over 27 percentof Americas prisons are the home to foreign nationals? They wouldnt be in prison if they didnt cross the border in the first place.

There is more. Jose Oswaldo Reyes Alfaro, an undocumented immigrant from El Salvador went on a killing rampage in Manassas on Wednesday. He shot and killed three people and injured another. Alfaro has been ordered to be deported in 2002, but he justnever left the country. These murders could have been prevented if our border security plan, Ms. Napolitano, wasworking.

An 8-year-old girl in Fairfax, Virginia, was raped by an undocumented immigrant in her own home. Her rapist was Salvador Portillo-Saravia, a known criminal who was living in the United States illegally.

In 2003, Portillo-Saravia, an MS-13 gang member, was arrested and deported to El Salvador. But since we have open borders, the child rapist was able to sneak back into the United States unnoticed and under the radar. He was even arrested in November of 2010, but rather than be held in jail for deportation, he was released back on the streets because no one was able to check his illegal status. Andone month later, Salvador Portillo-Saravia raped an innocent 8-year-old girl in her own home.

This disgusting crime could have been prevented if we secured our borders, deported undocumented immigrants that are in this country, and kept them from returning. Tell the parents of this 8 year-old girl, Madam Secretary, that our border crisis is just "mischaracterized." Our system is flawed and the Homeland Securitybetter understand thatit is the duty of the Federal Government to protect the people of this nation and quit making excuses.

It's way past time to put more National Guard troops on the border. I have introduced legislation to put 10,000 National Guard troops on the southernborder to be paid for by the federal governmentbut supervised by thefour State governors. We protect the borders of other nations. It's about time we protect our own.

Meanwhile, it appears Homeland Security is living in never-never land or blissfully unaware of the real world on the southern border -- or mischaracterized the situation for political reasons.

And thats just the way it is.