Madam Speaker, this new Congress must be committed to listening to the will of the people and following the Constitution. Immediately, we must right a wrong that has been forcibly placed like chains upon the American people.

The unhealthy National Health Care bill bruises the doctrine of the Constitution.The people don't want government stealing their individual liberty to make health decisions. Congress must repeal this totalitarian act.

In a few moments this Congress on this day, this new day, will read the Constitution on the House floor. The sacred rule of law for the nation. Nowhere in this document of wisdom does the federal government have the omnipotent authority to force any American to buy a product or face criminal penalties, whether it becar health insurance or a box of donuts.

The nationalized health care bill is an unconstitutional oppression of the Americancitizen.Repeal this injustice!

On this new day, we stewards of the Constitution must right this wrong, this illegal law that has been coerced upon the people without their consent.

And that's just the way it is.