Madam Speaker, we have seen the protests of illegals who have colonized our Nation, parading through our streets, trying to intimidate America.

But they are not alone. Their shouts and demands are being met by a silent revolution. Countless native citizens and naturalized citizens are demanding to be heard as well. Their voice is being echoed across these lands.

Ernest Fichtner writes: ``My heart goes out to the Mexican people who look north for a chance at life and liberty. But this problem sits squarely in the lap of Vicente Fox and his corrupt government.

``We are a Nation of laws and institutions. If the laws are not vigorously enforced, we are left with anarchy and open borders. .....

``If America does the hard work now, the border integrity of this country will never again be subject to attack, not only from without but from within.''

Madam Speaker, we are a Nation of American citizens, not illegal invaders, not lawbreakers, not tax dodgers, not transients.

This land is our land. This land is not Vicente Fox's land. The last thing we need is amnesty anarchy.

And that's just the way it is.