November 10, 2009

Dear Neighbors,

As of 6:00pm EST, those who are in favor of the government healthcare bill, H.R. 3962, do not have enough votes to pass it. However, they are still trying for a vote this weekend, possibly as early as Saturday.

No matter when the vote takes place, IWILLVOTENO ON THIS BILL.

This legislation will:

  • Raise taxes$729.5 billion
  • Increase the deficit
  • Increase government regulation and controlof doctors and patients
  • Could force doctor run hospitals out of business and cost Texans jobs
  • Force Americans and businesses to buy insurance or pay a fine -this is unconstitutional
  • Provides coverage for illegals

During this historic time, the American people have marched on Washington and filled community venues across the nation to make it clear their voices matter. I will continue to fight for the peopleof the Second Congressional District of Texas, Americans across the country and stand up for what is right.

To read moreabout my stance on this issue, click here.

God and Texas,

Member of Congress