Mr. Speaker, two delivery services, UPS and FedEx, take a package and deliver it for a customer anywhere in a world in just a handful of days. Amazingly, a customer can even track one of those 23 million packages on the Internet and know exactly where it is on any given day. Maybe the Federal Government could learn something here.

   The Federal Government doesn't seem to even know where 20 million illegals are in this country, much less track their whereabouts. A good example of how private industry works and the Federal Government does not.

   Anyway, it has been suggested that the way to solve the case of the missing illegals is to give every illegal that crosses into the United States a FedEx or UPS package. The package could contain items for their stay illegally in the United States. Then we could record when people enter the U.S. and know where they are at any given time.

   Mr. Speaker, it is a disgrace that the Federal Government can't handle border security any better than it does. The Feds owe it to the American citizens to come up with ways to stop the flow of illegals into the United States.

And that's just the way it is.