With the rash of crime by foreign nationals in the city of Houston, coupled with the recent shooting of two Houston police officers by illegals that were previously deported, the Houston Police Officers Union wants to end the archaic, absurd policy of not questioning people about their immigration status.

President Gary Blankenship of the union bluntly says, ``My guys are tired of dealing with criminal aliens. The severity of the crime is escalating''. He advocates weeding out dangerous criminals from the illegal community. He clearly says he doesn't want to round up the 400,000 illegals in the Greater Houston sanctuary community--just capture criminal illegals.

But whoa there! You can't do that, saith the mayor and the open border crowd. That's insulting. That's probably racial profiling. The nerve of the police to ask people their legal status. That might scare them. And that's the Federal Government's job.

So Houston will continue the policy of ``Thou Shalt Not Ask'', and, for political expediency, prefer the desires of the illegal community over the safety of the police, the citizens, and the legal immigrants.

And that's just the way it is.