WASHINGTON, December 5 -


Mr. Speaker,

Glenn from Kingwood, Texas wrote me this:

ìStarting at the age of 15, I worked any job I could to help support myself through college. Manually dug ditches, construction work, plant work. After college, I found an entry level position in the field I studied. With hard work, I have been constantly employed for 36 years and now nearing retirement.

I have never requested or received any federal financial assistance. I enjoy contributing to my community, and church. This is my ëAmerican Dream.í Now the current administration wants to increase the taxes I pay for being successful.

As my Grandmother, would say ëIf you can work, do so and never let your pride or laziness get in your way to earn an honest living, you will be rewarded in life.í"

Mr. Speaker, this Administration wants to punish those who have lived the American Dream. During a recession, no oneís taxes should be increased. The Administration cannot tax and spend America into prosperity.

And thatís just the way it is.