Mr. Speaker, we have heard a lot. We hear every day about healthcare. This is a healthcare bill.

It is for the health of Americans, the physical health of people, so that they have the right to good health, health that is sometimes prevented by those people who are foreign nationals that commit crimes in the U.S., go to prison, get deported, go back, come back to the U.S., and commit another crime. It is a healthcare bill.

And I would hope that our friends on the other side would vote for at least one healthcare bill this year, and this is that bill. The idea that a person could commit a crime in this country, get deported, come back, commit more crimes back and forth across the border, as we have heard, and continue to do it with lawlessness and arrogance is nonsense because the law is not enforced.

Our cities talk about the immigrant communities that live there. I live in Houston, Texas.

This bill helps protect the immigrant population. We have got MS-13 gangs, criminal gangs, who come to the U.S.

They set up shop in our immigrant communities, they terrorize those communities, and they do it with lawlessness because they believe, if they ever get caught, they will eventually be able to come back into the United States and continue their wicked ways. This bill helps prevent that.

If cities do not want to protect their immigrant communities, and law enforcement does not want to help enforce the law, then those communities shouldn't get Federal funds for law enforcement. That is what these two bills do.

So I would hope Members of Congress would understand the importance that this bill deals with criminal aliens that run through the United States committing crimes, get deported, and continue to come back. This legislation helps us, all together, to protect the American health of everybody--those people who live in big cities and those people who live in small cities.

It is a bill that protects the people who live in the United States and makes them healthier because we make sure that those people, who want us to be unhealthy by their criminal violent acts, are not in the United States.

And that is just the way it is.