Mr. Speaker, Hurricane Harvey hammered the great State of Texas in August. It devastated over 300,000 homes in the Houston area, not including businesses.

Last year, the House passed a crucial $81 billion disaster relief bill. This funding will not only help repair the devastation caused by the hurricane, but it will also go toward disaster prevention in the future.

But Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico are still waiting to see this hurricane relief money. Why?

Because the ‘‘Siesta Senate’’ still hasn’t taken any action. And the reason they haven’t is because the Senate still uses an archaic, outdated 60-vote rule to pass simple legislation.

The people of Texas are still suffering in their wait. The Senate needs to change the 60-vote rule and go back to 51.

The Gulf Coast is in Hurricane Alley. Maybe the Senate doesn’t realize hurricanes come around every year.

Mr. Speaker, there are also over 401 House bills awaiting Senate action, and this bill is one of them. The Siesta Senate must vote.

Nap time is over. 

And that is just the way it is.