Madam Speaker, the New York Times has again lost touch with reality. In its latest immigration-related editorial, it actually refers to illegal immigrants as ``would-be Americans.'' Never mind many illegals don't want to be Americans but just want the benefits of being here. And what an insult to the millions of jobless U.S. citizens and legal immigrant workers in our country and the millions of ``would-be legal immigrants'' who don't violate the law to come here.

The Times, in its elitist mentality, suggests that it is wrong for a company to fire 1,800 illegal workers in the United States. The Times forgot it's wrong for the company to knowingly hire 1,800 illegal immigrants in the first place, and it's wrong that the government did not arrest and deport them and then arrest the employer. Taking 1,800 illegal workers out of the workforce opens jobs for citizens and legal immigrants, as we have seen before.

Apparently, the New York Times cares more about illegal immigrants who violate the law than unemployed American workers who are looking for jobs.

And that's just the way it is.