WASHINGTON, September 20 -
Madam Speaker, a single mother in Houston, Texas, wrote me this letter:
The Affordable Care Act is affecting my family. I am a single mother. I have raised five boys on my own.
I currently work two jobs to keep up with my monthly mortgage and utility bills. This is because my primary
employer would not hire me to work more than 29 hours per week thanks to ObamaCare. Now I have to work
7 days a week at two jobs to make ends meet. While I am thankful I have these jobs, I am  unable to provide supervision
and guidance I feel my son needs and deserves to be successful. I had to make a tough decision that I did not
want to make. My son is now living with relatives in another city. I am depressed that ObamaCare has begun
to tear my family apart and also has put an unhealthy burdenon me.
Madam Speaker, real person, real tragedy. It’s time to free Americans from the shackles of ObamaCare.
Defund ObamaCare and tell the Senate to do the same.
And that’s just the way it is.