Mr. Speaker, good news. That which has been removed has been returned. That which has been censored is censored no more. Let me explain.

   The Architect of the Capitol took it upon himself to remove references of God from the official certificates that accompany flags that are flown over the Capitol. These flags and certificates are given to schools, citizens, and the military. Some Members of Congress, for example, request the words "God" and "Country" to be incorporated into the certificate. However, the word "God" was unilaterally stricken and censored from the document by the Architect. But those days are over. The Architect will now allow the word "God" on such certificates.

   The national motto is "In God We Trust."  We pledge allegiance saying "one Nation under God." Our history is based upon a belief in the Supreme Being. And much of this Capitol has references to the Almighty.

   Mr. Speaker, many Americans are tired of paranoid government censorship of God, and consider attempts to remove God from America a violation of their constitutional rights. Thank God.

   And that's just the way it is.