Mr. Speaker, under the leadership of Senator Cornyn and Senator Wyden, the Senate has unanimously passed the bipartisan Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act . This bill will help stop modern-day slavery here in America. The House has passed a similar bill under the sponsorship of Carolyn Maloney and myself.

We have acknowledged international human trafficking for years. Now, we acknowledge and put sufficient resources behind the fight against the buying and selling of human beings. Slavery in America is not going to be tolerated.

The bill penalizes traffickers and buyers. Mr. Speaker, buyers have escaped the long arm of the law for too long. The bill also treats trafficking victims as victims and not criminals.

We can no longer deny the scourge of rape and abuse of our children. I strongly encourage the House leadership to immediately bring up the Senate compromise, Justice for Victims ofTrafficking Act , for a vote.

Victims are people, too. Let it be known that America's kids are not for sale, and woe be to anyone that sells them or buys them in the marketplace of slavery.

And that is just the way it is.