Taiwan’s national day—also known as Double Ten Day. The United States and Taiwan have a strong relationship.

Taiwan is a good friend and ally. I congratulate Taiwan on its national day.

We also need to be standing by Taiwan and supporting its efforts to be a responsible member of the international community. The International Civil Aviation Organization or ‘‘ICAO’’ is a UN agency to ensure the safety of planes that fly around the world. But even though it is less than a week away, there has been no indication that Taiwan will be able to participate in ICAO’s 39th Triennial Assembly on September 27.

Three years ago, Taiwan was invited by the then-ICAO Council President to attend as a guest, but that invitation was no guarantee that Taiwan could keep attending. Congress passed a law three years ago encouraging ICAO to give Taiwan observer status. Giving Taiwan such status would contribute to the success of ICAO’s mission to address aviation security threats through effective international cooperation. As our 9th-largest trading partner in 2015, Taiwan’s participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a no-brainer. It would boost our trade relationship with Taiwan and would make the overall impact of TPP even better for Americans.

To provide greater protection for investors in both countries, we should also work on completing a Bilateral Investment Agreement with Taiwan. In all, trade is an important part of our relationship with Taiwan and I hope my colleagues will join me in advocating for these steps. Again, I wish the people of Taiwan a Happy Double Ten Day. And that’s just the way it is.