Mr. Speaker, a Texas father wrote me this week:

‘‘I heard your statements . . . about removing the so-called judge in the Stanford swimmer’s rape case. I do hope you pursue this all the way to his elimination. As the father of a daughter that was raped a number of years ago while she was jogging at night near a college campus in Texas, I would even consider the death penalty for the perpetrator.

Why? Because that is what happened to my daughter.

The feeling of violation and uncleanness caused her to take her own life in later years. The judge does not know the meaning of rape and the effects it has on a female.’’

Mr. Speaker, the father is correct. Rape victims live lives of quiet hopelessness and despair.

That is why the weak-kneed judges like the one in California need to be removed. Sunday is Father’s Day, and I will be with my 4 kids and 11 grandkids.

The father I referenced here will not be with his daughter. We must deliver justice for rape victims, daughters, and families because, Mr. Speaker, justice is what we do in America.

And that is just the way it is.