Mr. Speaker, Social Security Administration executives recently enjoyed a luxury retreat at the expense of the American taxpayer. They flew 700 of their managers to the picture perfect, swanky Arizona Biltmore Hotel for what they called ``organizational training.''

It cost the taxpayers $750,000. These bureaucrats enjoyed golf, musical entertainment, dancing, skits, catered food, cocktails and even a casino night. Sounds like a vacation for the rich and famous.

Meanwhile, seniors are worried about even getting their monthly Social Security checks.

There was a near riot when taxpayers found out AIG spent half that amount for their luxury retreat by using taxpayer bailout money. But the Social Security spokesman, Peter Spencer dismissed the comparison with AIG by saying, Well, it's different taxpayer money. I'm glad he cleared that up for us.

The arrogance of the Social Security execs to be jet-setting around the country, going to a luxury spa, and then making people paying into Social Security pick up the $750,000 tab is disgraceful. I guess the spendacrats never heard of teleconferencing or even the Motel 6.

And that's just the way it is.