WASHINGTON, December 20 -


Mr. Speaker,

The United States State Department has haughtily told Israel not to build homes in East Jerusalem. It might upset the Palestinians, sayeth the State Department. It might even hurt their feelings.

The United States has no business telling Israel or any other country where they can or cannot build homes in their own country. Israel doesnít need a construction permit from Washington to build a house on their own land. What would we think if some country told us we couldnít build homes in certain parts of our Nation? We would tell that country, in probably not very polite language, ìMind your own business.î

The United States is one again meddling in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation. This is the arrogance of power. In the meantime, Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel is going ahead with the house project without the United States building permit. And good for him.

And thatís just the way it is.