Madam Speaker, the Forum for Academic and Institutional Rights, a group of mostly elitist east coast universities and law schools, moaned and groaned all the way to the Supreme Court, claiming they should not be forced to allow United States military recruiters on their campuses in order to keep their Federal funding. Monday the Supreme Court unanimously ruled against their ridiculous rant.

In a time when our Americans in uniform are fighting a global war on terror, these arrogant elitist intellectuals are making a mockery of national defense by not allowing recruiters in their historic halls. These schools willingly take billions in Federal dollars, but reject the military that protects them.

At Yale University, officials are actually willing to accept a foreign student that served as spokesman and former diplomat for the Taliban. It is a shameful and sad day when Americans willing to risk their lives for their country are kept off their campus, but an alleged former terrorist operative is welcomed with open arms. At least the Supreme Court got it right this time. Unfortunately, Yale University did not.

That's just the way it is.