Mr. Speaker, in spite of objections to the contrary, a fence is still being built along the southern border. Illegals objected to this, but the President is resilient. He is standing firm on his commitment to build the fence to keep illegals out.

You see, over 500,000 illegals cross the border every year into Mexico, and the fence is being built at the southern end of Mexico to keep people like Guatemalans out. It's the Mexican southern border that they're protecting.

You know, Calderon demands that the United States not build a fence. He arrogantly demands the Arizona law not be enforced, but when Mexico has problems with the illegals coming to "take jobs that Mexicans won't do", Calderon says he's building a fence on his southern border, whether illegals like it or not.

Every country has the right to defend its border. We should stop listening to anything President Calderon says and do what's right for our country. Secure our borders, by sending immediately the National Guard to our southern border.

And that's just the way it is.